Fibre Premier Stand

A proven way to boost your sales in 2017…

This time last year saw the launch of our new point of sale display stands, specially designed to help our retailers maximise flooring sales, and make the most of valuable space on their shop floors.

A year on, and we can report that they have worked better than we could even have anticipated.

Retailers that installed one of our premier stands have seen sales of fibre flooring jump by an average of +70% vs last year.

Meanwhile, retailers that installed one of our bookcase stands have seen their sales increase by an average of +45% vs last year.

If you’d like to get 2017 off to a great start, and keep ahead of the competition, why not order one of our point of sale display stands today?

Premier stand – pictured above (1.00m wide x 0.45m deep)
£250 + VAT inc. all sampling

Our premier stand is a compact unit featuring fixed feeler sampling of our entire range of wool and natural floor coverings, and includes a useful area to neatly store and display all our pattern books.

This attractive stand will help your sales staff make more flooring sales by presenting our products properly and neatly in one place.

All retailers who order one of our premier stands will be featured in our list of preferred stockists on our website and will benefit from additional traffic directed towards them.

Bookcase stand – pictured below (0.50m wide x 0.50m deep)
£100 + VAT inc. all sampling

If you don’t have space for a premier stand, why not consider our bookcase, which has a footprint of just 0.50m square.

This is a neat solution for conveniently storing all your fibre pattern books in one place & includes a useful lectern top for customers to place the books onto whilst browsing through the samples.

Fibre Bookcase Stand

To order your new fibre premier or bookcase stand please call 0844 414 2177 or email, or speak to your agent.